Asahi Garden


Welcome to the Asahi' Japanese Garden !

The word "Asahi" meaning "Rising Sun" was given to the garden because during the spring and summer months, the sun rises directly behind the waterfall when viewed from the deck.

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Welcome to the "Asahi Japanese Garden".

A Japanese Garden is one of simplicity and serenity. Shape and texture take the place of color and flowers which are thought to distract the eye and cloud the mind.

The word "Asahi" meaning "Rising Sun", was given to the garden because during the Spring and Summer months, the sun rises directly behind the waterfall when viewed from the deck or bridge. The garden was completed in May 2002 and was featured in the Clarksville / Montgomery County Tour of Gardens. The garden will need a few years to mature and develop into the vision that I have for it.

The garden is a small example of a "Chisen Kaiyou Skiki" or "Strolling Pond Garden". Just inside the timbered entrance on your right you will see the first of several "ishi-doro" or Stone Lanterns. They are made up of two seperate pieces, a lightbox, and the "tachi gata" or pedestal. The complete term would be "tachi gata - ishi-doro".

Passing through a stand of "Golden Temple Bamboo" and an example of a "figure eight bamboo cattle fence" you will notice on your right a "tsukubai" or "crouching bowl". It was designed to humble and purify guest entering a garden or Tea House. The bamboo spout that fills the bowl is a "kakei".

Placed around the pond and garden are an assortment of "seido-toro" or "iron temple lanterns".

These are but the first steps in my long journey into Japanese Gardens. I will learn and make many mistakes and changes so please visit often. The links that I have provided below will show just what can be accomplished with years of love and nurturing, and the two gentlemen that created them are my mentors and inspiration.


After you've finished touring my garden, if you would like to see and learn more about Japanese Gardens, click on the links below to visit some of my friends.

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"A quiet place to reflect, the garden mirrors the soul of the gardener".


One of a pair of foo dogs that guard the entrance to the garden.