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Asahi Garden
The Koi Pond



"Water Is Life"...

The pond in my "Chisen Kaiyou Skiki" or strolling pond garden is a 21'x16', 3000 gallon one. It is served by three pumps, a 4300 gph. through a 3" line goes to the waterfall, a 1450 gph. through a one inch line goes through the UV to the main filter that I like to call "The Fountain of the Three Dragons" and a 750 gph. pump goes to the pagoda trickle filter. All the filtration and the skimmer are of my own construction. It's home to about a dozen large koi, the oldest are now 12 years old.

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Koi viewed from the deck. They are fed from this spot daily.


The "Pagoda Filter" is an example of a trickle or "wet-dry" filter. The top layers contain filter media while the large pot contains 5 bags of lava rock which is home to beneficial bacteria. It's main function is to remove nitrates and nitrites from the pond.



The "Fountain of the Three Dragons" is the main filter for the pond. An exposed filter is rather unusual but I thought the design integrated well with the theme.